Welcome to our blog which is dedicated to high-quality KyuMin fan fiction!  We are huge stans of Cho Kyuhyun and Lee Sungmin, members of the international K-Pop sensation Super Junior, who happen to be close friends in real life.

We began this project because we had simply run out of well-written KyuMin fics to read one day!

Knowing that the group and the couple’s popularity is sky-rocketing in every corner of the world, we decided to search for fics written outside of English-speaking countries.

The more we read, the more we realized that curating and translating original KyuMin fics written in different languages makes a unique way of celebrating two things:

(1) Super Junior as a musical, entertainment and pan-cultural phenomenon that is not bound by borders on a map.

(2) The beautiful love and friendship that exists between two of the most talented members within the group, Kyuhyun and Sungmin.

What you see today is the result of months spent carefully curating, translating and working closely with our writers.  If you share our sense of appreciation for artistic beauty and literary excellence, stay a while and enjoy yourselves!

Now, go on and click on Chapter 1 of Sleeping Beauty, our inaugurative fan fiction written originally in Chinese by SpoonGhostWriter!  There are 18 chapters in total but due to the suspenseful nature of the storyline, we are releasing  each chapter, one by one.


[UPDATED]  The final chapter of Sleeping Beautuy, Chapter 18, is released 😀 (Aug 31, 2012)  Don’t forget to check out the Epilogue as well^^  Huhu!  It’s finally completed!


Ah don’t forget to visit our “Fun Corner” where we post KyuMin pictures, fan accounts, fun facts… ^^~ 



Rai & Scarlett

Artwork: The beautiful drawing displayed at the top of this blog is the creation of famous fan artist, Mikitachi aka 小野菊儿, who has graciously and generously allowed us to use her work on this blog.  ANY FORM OF EDITING OF THIS IMAGE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


47 Responses to “About The Blog”

  1. Raudzah said

    FIRST !


  2. jejebearie said

    coming 🙂
    i am joyers too lol

  3. Aida Jonas Qnan said


  4. kate said

    Love this !

  5. Rae~ said

    wow congrats for you guys~ good luck too!~ ❤

  6. aisukeurim said

    Waaahh xD I ship kyumin hard as hard as diamond TvT and i’m so happy about this. Will read after i finish my assignment. Congrats girls ^^

  7. chisika said

    WOW! I am really amazed!
    I mean translating other languages into eng? this must takes time n a lot of effort.
    thanks 4 making this blog ❤
    -Joyer~- XD

  8. Ayuki said

    This blog became kyumin’s world ❤

  9. Hey Hey congratulations 😀
    all of Kyumin stans are happy as i am hehe
    i have nothing to say but thank you ^^

  10. sjmomoc said

    Yay yay yay Kyumin ❤

  11. rhamyutz said

    kyumin manse!!!!

  12. kyumin eukyangkyang~ i love this pairing so much

  13. tenribintang said

    Always healthy and successful for you …. I hope you can say hello to me on twitter one day

  14. Good luck for you I hope someday you can say hello to me on twitter @tenribintang

  15. Seo_137 said

    KyuMin is really real 🙂 bealive it

  16. Seo_137 said

    How to following this blog?^^

  17. taz said

    aaaaaaaaa i love this fic sooooo much, and the writer too..
    it will be great if you can translate all of her fics, not only sleeping beauty kekeke XD

    • Scarlett said

      We would love to do that, but finding the time to do it is always a problem. Thanks for following this fic & your suggestion. Will think seriously about continuing to do more<3333

  18. i just found ur fanfic XDDD and i looooooove it 🙂

    Cant wait for the last chapter 😀

  19. JoPumpkins said

    Please look my replay in your tweet….Thanks…

    • Scarlett said

      I’m so sorry. Did you mention me on twitter, because I didn’t see it:( If it’s related to the fic, it’s best to leave a comment here simply because there are days that I get too many mentions and might have just missed yours.

  20. asdfghjkl; said

    helpu :< im lost~ == is fanfiction here hidden? i mean, do i need to join wordpress so that i can see the fics here? Ahhh~ ;~;

    • Scarlett said

      You need to click on the individual chapters, like Chapter 1, 2, 3 etc to get to each. I’m sorry but when we first published this, it was done on a periodic basis, so we wanted to keep the chapters physically separate…

  21. sarahdudut said

    Thanks to make this blog i meet so many kyumin here ah love gomawo 🙂

  22. Elci said

    ss ah~ are u vietnamese??

  23. novia said

    im joyers<3

  24. park vunnie said

    omg.. love this blog so much><
    awawaw…. great^^b

    keep loving kyumin all :-*

  25. amazing amazing amazing……..

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